Rainbow Veg

Lots of interesting, not to mention brightly coloured, vegetables available here in Stoke Newington at the moment to brighten up the dark Autumn nights.

Rainbow Carrots from Wholefoods; Organic Red Russian Kale and Ripple Farm Organics Purple Kale from Stoke Newington Farmers Market:


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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Veg

  1. Jason says:

    Hey Ole! Cool blog. Did you know I’m almost vegetarian these days. Meat is just too damned expensive and ethically fraught these days (blah blah blah).

    Anyway, you post, I copy, we eat!


    • wildinthekitchen says:

      Jace! Hello ello, thanks for having a look at my blog. As you can see I’m not that great at updating it at the mo, but trying to get better at it!
      I hear you, especially about the ethics of it. I do cook meet for Al, but only the nice kind from local sources. Thanks for following me!

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