Yotam Ottolenghi’s “Mixed Bean Salad”

From The Guardian Weekend Magazine (30.07.11)

Click here for recipe

This colourful summer salad caught my eye and wanting to expand my salad repetoire away from the failsafe leaves/tomato/cucumber combination I was keen to try. With doubts about being able to source the yellow beans required a) easily and b) at a reasonable price, I had sort of forgotten about the recipe.

Fate jogged my memory when perusing the Farm Direct website and low and behold I had ordered the beans. Chervil is another ingredient that doesn’t usually come to hand easily, but having a boyfriend who works across the road from Borough Market has its advantages and he dutifully returned home with said chervil and an unwaxed lemon.

Sadly, this coming together of the ingredients wasn’t replicated in the finished dish. Perhaps my palate isn’t sophisticated enough, but the combination of cumin seeds, coriander seeds, tarragon, chervil and lemon zest was heady to say the least and became quite hard going.

Verdict: easy on the eye, not so much on the tastebuds. Probably a once off, but herbs/spices could be adjusted to taste.

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